The best solution for IOT

We provides IOT communication solutions at different distances, with different sensors, and transmits the measured data to the cloud for analysis; at the same time, the background can also schedule and control the execution of remote devices.


Design different sensors for different objects, and transmit signals to regional terminals at the same time.

Data transmission

Depending on the distance and terrain, 4G and 5G signals are used to transmit to the cloud background for processing. 

Cloud analysis

Recognize and analyze the uploaded images, and then display the scene changes with recognizable charts.

AI Engine

After the sensor collects the data, the AI Smart Cloud Vision will display the collected data on the page, display it in a graph after analysis, and notify the user when an abnormality occurs.

Solar power station

Solar Power Energy – Standalone System

High-value Agriculture

Energy Storage 4Kw~96Kw system

For Example, Self-consumption & BCP measures (PPA model)

Akitakata City, Hiroshima Prefecture "Roadside Station Mitsuyanosato" Plan 
PMS C5-R100, AC capacity: 49.5kW / DC capacity: 72kW / Storage battery capacity: 159kWh, June 2020!



PMS Case

The following areas are currently installed
Japan (146), Taiwan-Miaoli (1), Taiwan-Pingtung (1) and other regions...